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Write the Vision

This section of the blog is about freedom - the ability to write with uninhibited expression, excluding fear or guilt. A safe place to write without the responsibility of grammar correctness or conscious awareness. To engage in the messy journey of discovering your purpose and passion, likes and dislikes, personal preferences and career desires; to plan and mess up, start over and re-group. To cry, to celebrate, to laugh and reminisce. Writing is my pathway to releasing the tangled thoughts of my mind and the unanswered questions within my heart. It also serves as my stairwell to God's word. I love to write gratitude prayers and thoughts, to celebrate small and significant occasions, as well as document the wonderful (and sometimes sad) moments of life. When I write, I feel free. I feel better. I may not always have the answers immediately, but they come to me through the release of my thoughts that translate into words. Write the Vision represents being in the moment of "now" and letting the vision of your life (and mine) unfold. What a scary process. To surrender? To let go? To wait? To believe that you are worthy? To allow God's purpose for your life be revealed? My hope is that my truth, courage and vulnerability will bring forth light into your life and open your heart to becoming whole.

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