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A grown woman knows her worth and isn’t afraid of rejection. She welcomes authenticity with confidence and grit. She is firmly grounded in her values and beliefs and there is no room for compromise on the prize. She knows what she wants. She’s not guessing or questioning her vision. She is executing her actions that will lead to the inner joy she seeks within herself. She’s strong now and can walk with conviction on roads she once ran from and avoided. She can plant her feet firmly on the strength of the work that she has put in. She walks with an air of confidence because she has worked hard to create a vision she believes she’s worthy of. She believes that the best is possible. She believes in the best of everything. She believes that all dreams can come true and that her wildest desires are possible, and even through the distractions of life, she will not lose sight of the vision - not a weightless vision floating in the air, but a vision grounded in God’s promise and a grown woman’s wisdom. It’s grounded in the dedication and hard work. In the failures and the long journey to self-discovery and can be found in the cracks of self-actualization.

A grown woman is polished and secure, yet not braggadocious or intimidating. In fact, she’s quite the opposite. She’s warm and inviting and open. She gives to the world and lets her path be her testimony. She welcomes the outside world to be her audience, but not her judge. She is wise enough to know that paying it forward is part of her mission, while still able to remain mysterious along the way. She sinks into the moment of being present and grateful while simultaneously challenging herself to reach her greatest potential. If she believes she’s worthy, she knows she will receive. So, she believes she’s worthy. She demands respect. She can withstand the storm with grace and patience and when she feels beat down, she still puts on her heels and struts through life with attitude, even with a bruised heart or shattered dream. She pushes through. No matter what.

She doesn’t compromise her values. She is steadfast on listening to the whispers in her heart. She stands for something and falls for nothing. She’s flexible, yet unwilling to bend in places that crack the very essence of who she is. She laughs at the moments of life that want to see her fail. She doesn’t crack under pressure. Instead, she persists with unwavering faith and determination. She enters each day with gratitude and in mid day she prays and throughout the week she is present - present to her experiences, to her body, to her humanness, to her well-being, to her mind, to her soul. She is able to enter the world being whole, unapologetically whole and full of the promise that her life is destined for greatness.

She is she. All of her. She is her.

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