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A wife is an imperfect woman building a legacy for her family.

She is filled with love, an endless amount of love.

She loves on days it’s hard and painful and on days its sweet and amazing.

She’s present on days when she feels empty and absent, alone and tired, burdened and buried.

She stands behind her man everyday, even when he is undeserving. She teaches and learns. She is a forever student of love and compassion. She fails. She hurts. She crawls. In between the lessons and blessings of a lifetime commitment.

She stands tall in the midst of adversity and smiles, because her light can never be dimmed.

She is strong and humble. Beautiful and gracious. Fearless and ferocious. She fights for partnership, equality, and equity in her marriage and in her life.

She’s secure in who she is and brings her intuitive spirit to the home. Her sexiness radiates from the boardroom to the bedroom.

She is no longer afraid to express her wildest desires. She asks for what she wants. She’s adventurous and classy, sassy and cool.

She’s all and none. All and then some.

She shows up, consistently. Every time. Everyday.

She likes to please and be pleased.

She listens and takes notes because being the best partner is her greatest desire.

She wants to serve and be served.

She wants security and spontaneity. She is a healer and nurturer.

She will challenge those around her to be their best self. Sometimes she’s domesticated and other times, she is not.

She’s unpredictable. She’s wild and free in her dreams and aspirations.

She’s spiritual and faithful. She follows God in her beliefs and actions.

She leads by example. And when she fails, she’s humbled by the experience and empowered by the love of her internal resilience. Because she’s resilient.

She’s whole and humble, weak and meek, nervous and trembling, vulnerable and ready.

Ready for authenticity in herself and in her marriage.

She thrives on love and commitment, consistency and loyalty, honesty and integrity.

She is a helpmate.

She thinks beyond day to day nuances and beyond the complexities that can easily distract us and instead she focuses on legacy and generational family wealth, health, prosperity and love.

A wife is the embodiment of Eve and the rib of Adam.

She is the vision of God.

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