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A husband is patient.

He is kind.

He is love. Endless amounts of love.

He is a man. Not a boy hiding behind masked bravado packaged as manhood, but rather a stand up human being who’s done his internal work and can sit in his truth, accepting of his flaws, and understands the value of showing up whole and healed.

He faces the world with confidence and grit.

He’s strong beyond his physical capabilities.

In fact, his greatest strength is his ability to listen to God’s command and to embody his word to accomplish his purpose.

His inner strength radiates in the way he moves in the room and engages with life.

He glides into any circumstance with an air of determination and boundless courage that quiets even the most daring fear.

He stands in a space of unknowing. He knows uncertainty well. He’s built a relationship with the road less traveled.

He has faced both darkness and pain. He never runs. He never quits.

He fails and he gets wounded. But he never dies.

He has seen the graveness of life and the threshold of possibility.

His vision surpasses his circumstances.

His faith guides his actions, his intellect informs his thoughts, his resilience directs his efforts, and his heart protects his soul.

A husband is a king built for war.

He is armoured with the protection of Adam and the promise of Eve.

He walks out into society and onto the battlefield of life ready to work hard to provide for his family.

He sews seeds that become the foundation of his legacy.

The sweat on his back represents his laborious efforts. The muscles on his arm are used to uplift his wife, and the build of his body is for her enjoyment. He is her greatest desire.

He’s fun. Wild and free.

He’s spontaneous and romantic for no reason at all.

He’s thoughtful on days he doesn’t have it to give and selfless in his desire to please because he’s dedicated to putting his family first.

He’s incredibly intelligent, in fact, his mind is one of his greatest assets.

A husband is a gift that is flawed.

A jewel with imperfections and rough edges.

He will bear his soul and bear witness to his wife’s most authentic self.

He lives in truth.

His actions speak louder than words.

He is a proud servant.

He is both tender and strong. Introspective and gregarious.

He is an imperfect man that sometimes fails to realize the power he holds can also be his greatest burden.

A husband is simply a man formed from the dust of the ground at the appointment of God’s word.

He is a man that serves as the first living being ever created.

He is a leader, a trailblazer, and a pioneer exploring the land with his helpmate. Together they become one and birth a generation.

He is his family’s first connection to God. Man was created in His image and gave him the instructions of life.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing receives favor from the Lord.

He is the receiver of the word. The king of the household. The messenger for his wife. A warrior in his physical dexterity, and a blacksmith in his ability to craft a vision and manifest the promise on his life.

He will love his wife as he loves himself.

A husband loves his wife, just as Christ loved the church.

A husband is the embodiment of God’s greatest gift to mankind.


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