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8 Areas of Life – Most of us have 6 out of 8 (We seek the other 20%)

My 25% Theory is completely unproven, strictly developed from my own personal observations of my own life, along with friends, family and strangers but time and time again, I find my framework to be true.

Here are the 8 pieces of life (that we all in some capacity experience - according to J.Styles):

1. Self – Belief in self, self-esteem, love for thy self

2. Spirituality – Strength in faith and belief in God through all things (or whatever spiritual belief you subscribe to)

3. Family – Circle of family filled with unconditional love and support

4. Friends – Supportive circle of friends to share memories, experiences and advice with

5. Love – Soul mate, best friend, husband/partner, provider

6. Finances – Financially secure and have financial abundance; financially free of worry

7. Career – Fulfilling career

8. Health – Great health

Most of us experience at least 6 of these categories more easily. I am not proposing that the 6 categories that come more easily to you fall on your lap or that you do not have to work hard to attain them, but ultimately I am saying that they are not the source of your life's struggles. Then, there are 2 areas that you struggle and long for; 2 areas that require you to draw up your faith more deeply - 2 areas that you struggle with no matter how hard you work. These areas are not stagnant. They could change from month to month, year to year, etc.. However, on average I am proposing that the average person is always striving for 2 areas in their lives to improve, while simultaneously being grateful for the 6 areas that are working together in their favor.

Digest what I am proposing. Start to look at your own life and others you know (or don't know). How does my theory hold up? What do you think?!

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