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Deep Gratitude

Dear Gratitude,

We have had quite the tumultuous relationship throughout the years, always ending with discernment and purpose-filled understanding. Today, I welcome you with open arms and an open heart. Thank you for all the ways you give joy. Thank you for being endless and timeless. You show up deep inside of me and also in the external beauty of the world. The sunshine holds your warmth. Thank you for your patience and consistency. Thank you for your light. I have met you deeply face-to-face most recently and I am so happy that you have shown the shades of your beauty to me. I see the brightness of your covering smiling over me, thank you. Thank you for meeting me where I was on days where thankfulness lacked, and yet you remained calm in the storm and waited for me. Gratitude, you have given me the greatest gift and I am eternally thankful.


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