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Thank you. You have filled my cup. You awakened my spirit. I love the soft edges of your heart. You stood up for me. Beside me. With me. You held my hand. You bared your soul. You shared your tears. You held my fears. You communicated the notes of your heart. You followed the road map to mine. You navigated the treacherous waters of love and found the deep blue sea within me. Your servants heart steered the ship. Your loyalty is unmatched. Your love is pure. It is quite rare. Beautiful. You demonstrate the best of love. And selflessness. And friendship. The best of a friend. You define steadfastness. You freed my heart. It began to roam. Thank you for awakening my feminine spirit. My armor of constant strength and resiliency could rest. Thank for the peace of mind. For the good mornings. For the good nights. For the desired fulfillment. For the inclusion. For the surprises. For the love. For your humility. For saying I could do that better. For always trying to love stronger. Better. Harder. Thank you. For the overflow.


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