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Why Work Toward Wholeness?

Becoming the Whole You is a company that provides a safe haven for those seeking to learn how to heal from their trauma(s), live in their truth, and engage in values-based actions that moves one toward resilience, meaning-making, and purpose in life.

By nature, Dr. Jessica S. Lewis is a dreamer and writer and created a blog to Aside from providing therapy services, Dr.


Lewis is also a dreamer and writer by nature and created a blog facilitate the exploration of thoughts, dreams, fears, and shared lived experiences through a shared community space. The blog posts features poetry, journal entries, intimate prayers, and inspiring content designed to challenge you to consider some of the deepest, most reflective, and profound questions you’ll ever ponder:

  • Who am I?

  • What is my purpose?

  • How do I lead a life that is aligned with my values?

  • How do I define wholeness?

  • What actionable steps can I take to become whole?

The mission is not to give you the answers to life’s deepest questions, but rather to provoke and awaken you to begin or deepen your journey to wholeness.

Whether you’re seeking therapy services, inspiration, or resources, Dr. Lewis hopes that you find the resources you need on Becoming the Whole You.

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