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Communal Vulnerability

To share one's vulnerability with a group of known friends or random strangers can equally be anxiety-provoking. But there are no short cuts to accepting the scary parts of yourself and then sharing your truth to the world. It's often easier to share only the areas you believe will be received with understanding and compassion. Communal Vulnerability seeks to challenge you outside of your comfort zone to incorporate a little more courage in your journey, sprinkle a little more grace, dazzle a little more patience and share a little more compassion. These consistent practices are proven to help one achieve a healthy dose of vulnerability needed to become internally whole with sustainable results leading to a better relationships, happier homes, and healthier coping mechanisms. This space is meant for sharing (even when you're scared). Despite your flaws, imperfections and failures, you are worthy. You are worth it. In this space, we will share and accept everyone for all of who they are.

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