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COVID-19 Letter to You

Dear You,

First off, we are all in this together. I am not sure how you have (or have not) been impacted by COVID-19, but I felt compelled to write a prayer for everyone. And if you do not pray, then perhaps this is simply an uplifting note for you to read.

I pray for all the families/friends/communities/individuals that are suffering in all forms - perhaps you or someone you know is sick, you have lost your job or furloughed, your mental health is declining, you feel less productive, you feel blah and can't seem to shake it, you feel isolated, hurt, and confused, you are tired on all levels, you are multitasking like never before trying to balance work and family responsibilities - I am praying for you! I hope, at the very least, we can find some form of silver lining in this pandemic and walk away with a life lesson, even if it is just to understand that we can not control every aspect of life. And if that lesson is too big of a feat to digest at this time, it's okay. That is another lesson for us to welcome - it is OK not to be ok. Society thrives off being busy and rewards our tendency to put ourselves last for the sake of productivity. I encourage you to take whatever space you need to put yourself first, and to make sure that you being "ok" is your top priority at this time. And while I say that message with the sincerest hope possible, I do realize that it is often a privilege to take the time and space you need. Special prayers for you if you can relate.

As the landscape of our country, economy, and social engagement continues to shift - I pray for your safety and your peace of mind.



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