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There are 5 sections featured on the blog. Read the descriptions here! 


Write the Vision:

This section of the blog is about freedom - the ability to write with uninhibited expression, excluding fear or guilt. A safe place to write without the responsibility of grammar correctness or conscious awareness. To engage in the messy journey of discovering your purpose and passion, likes and dislikes, personal preferences and career desires; to plan and mess up, start over and re-group. To cry, to celebrate, to laugh and reminisce. Writing is my pathway to releasing the tangled thoughts of my mind and the unanswered questions within my heart. It also serves as my stairwell to God's word. I love to write gratitude prayers and thoughts, to celebrate small and significant occasions, as well as document the wonderful (and sometimes sad) moments of life. When I write, I feel free. I feel better. I may not always have the answers immediately, but they come to me through the release of my thoughts that translate into words. Write the Vision represents being in the moment of "now" and letting the vision of your life (and mine) unfold. What a scary process. To surrender? To let go? To wait? To believe that you are worthy? To allow God's purpose for your life to be revealed? My hope is that my truth, courage and vulnerability will bring forth light into your life and open your heart to becoming whole.

Psychological Approach to Wholeness:

As a lifelong learner and psychologist-in-training, I am deeply interested in the research and clinical application behind "wholeness" and related factors that impact one's journey to achieving self-realization. Currently, I am studying well-being, purpose in life, religious and spiritual identity, and stress and coping and how these elements influence health behaviors and health outcomes. My theoretical orientation lies in existentialism (the belief that an individual has the choice, freedom, and agency to develop his or her own destiny) and 3rd-wave CBT (holistic promotion of health and well-being featuring concepts such as metacognition, acceptance, mindfulness, personal values, and spirituality). These empirically-based themes will be incorporated into easy-to-read blogposts. My aim is to provide psychoeducation and evidence-based tools packaged in digestible bits that inform readers on psychological terms, scientific research, and clinical application relevant to "wholeness." 

*research sources will be cited.

The Power of Spirituality:

Spirituality is manifested in people's lives in various ways - praise and worship is often a public display of honor and gratitude, prayer is generally a private practice and spiritual warfare can easily be ignored and suppressed. In this space, all bets are off. There are no rules to receiving, requesting, giving or sharing spiritual nourishment. Here, you will find prayers, random thoughts, questions to God, frustrating letters, streams of consciousness, praise and worship testimonials, and everything in between related to spirituality. Buckle up, because this may just be the most vulnerable spiritual ride you've ever taken. But trust, it will be worth it!

Communal Vulnerability:

To share one's vulnerability with a group of known friends or random strangers can equally be anxiety-provoking. But there are no short cuts to accepting the scary parts of yourself and then sharing your truth to the world. It's often easier to share only the areas you believe will be received with understanding and compassion. Communal Vulnerability seeks to challenge you outside of your comfort zone to incorporate a little more courage in your journey, sprinkle a little more grace, dazzle a little more patience and share a little more compassion. These consistent practices are proven to help one achieve a healthy dose of vulnerability needed to become internally whole with sustainable results leading to better relationships, happier homes, and healthier coping mechanisms. This space is meant for sharing (even when you're scared). Despite your flaws, imperfections and failures, you are worthy. You are worth it. In this space, we will share and accept everyone for all of who they are. 

Inspirational Videos: 

The section"Inspirational Videos" features visual stimulation that provides encouragement, motivation, education, and insight. The videos range from Ted Talks to beautiful images and songs that help create a framework for reflection, discussion, and relaxation. You can think or not think or perhaps you simply want to relax - it's up to you! The bottom line, the content is here for you to engage and process in whatever way you find most helpful. Enjoy!

Key themes you will find on “Becoming the Whole You”:


Liberation, Growth, Consciousness, Self-Awareness, Actualization, Internal and External Factors, Integration, Transformation, Values, Wholeness, Transcendence, Self-Determination, Convention (Tradition), Courage, Loneliness (Isolation, Alienation), Patience, Waiting, Freedom, Security, Vulnerability, Prayer, Spirituality, Contentment, Happiness, Exploration, Inspiration, Grace, Intention and more.

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