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I Pray for Wholeness

I pray for wholeness and all that wholeness brings. I also pray that my internal dialogue changes. I pray that my life comes full circle and that I will find the purpose and lessons in my journey, I pray that my journey will touch others. I pray for a passionate life. I pray that my life always has excitement, purpose, passion and intent. I pray that I am surrounded by those that support my decision to never “settle down.” I pray that I create a new meaning of what it means to lead a life with stability, happiness and family. I pray that I never grow weary in soul making. I pray that soul making becomes one with my spirit and that I can flawlessly execute the desires placed on my heart with your compass guiding me along the way. I pray for understanding. I pray for leverage. I pray that not only do I execute my career plans, but that I excel and that I meet excellence head on and I receive it. That I only engage with goodness. That I reject mediocrity and Plan B’s. That I only chase Plan A’s, with full faith that You will deliver the calling placed on my heart. I pray that my journey not be used in vain and that it inspires someone. I pray that as I continue leading my life, that other’s see the value of “the wait” even when I am weak, and I allow the impatience to creep within the cracks and create fallacies within my mind. I pray that even in my mistaken and drunken state of mind, that others are able to decipher what is good and just. I pray for strength. I pray that although my words are often expressed better in writing, that You hear my voice through the text and can truly allow my heart to speak to You in the best way that I know how. I pray that You hear me. I pray that You listen intently. I pray that You answer my prayers. Is that even acceptable to say? To ask? Or is that demanding? I pray that Your will be done with consideration of my desires? Is that better? I get in my own way when praying because I get confused with what I want and what You want me to have. I am still working on this area. I pray for openness, honesty and purity. I pray that I am more selfless, more dependent and focused on YOU. I pray that You work through me. I pray that you allow me to STOP with my controlling thoughts so that I can sit in the wait with no strategies as top of mind. That I can just simply wait. I pray that You help me to see more of You. I pray past my fears that what I want won’t happen. I pray this out of my system. I pray past my hurt, disappointment and unanswered prayers. I pray that You hear this word I have spoken from the heart and that Your good works and deeds are delivered. I pray for and over my family. I pray for healing Lord, and of those that are suffering. I pray that You hear these words.

In Your Name,


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