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Say what's on your mind.

Be vulnerable. Be open. Be honest. Don’t lose. Loss is under delivering when you know you have more. You give less and hold on to more. You live in fear. You doubt your ability to be accepted. You live for them. You listen to the voices rushing toward you. You give into the pressure of the emotionally unaccomplished. The fear of you-don’t-know-what’s-next is paralyzing. Vulnerability is tragic or power – mentality decides. Say it. To those who deserve, to know, you. To the vulnerably stable. The hearts of grand stature that can handle war. Can handle battle. Can handle the pursuit of truth. Say your truth to those people. Freedom of expression brings freedom to the soul, releases mental blockage, and opens the heart. Just say it. Even with grammar mistakes, a trembling voice and a hunched posture, just say it. Be the brave humming bird whistling its own tune and creating its own music. Its own rhythm and blues. Cause that’s what may come of it. Blues. You may feel blue. You may be emotionally destroyed simply because you said it. But your freedom is worth the battle. You said it and you’re free. You’re rich in every way that counts. You’re brave to all the people who count. Your truth is worth sharing. Your acceptance of yourself is the truth, that is worth sharing. Just say it. Say what’s on your mind.

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