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Collective Feelings

Collective feelings of frustration and despair. The present is not turning out how you imagined. You turn to your neighbor and see the hurt in their eyes. And you are comforted by the familiarity you see mirrored in your spirit. You prayed. You prepped. You planned. You bargained. Pleaded. Begged. And yet, now, your hard work can not save the things you can not change. And can not speed up the areas you want right now. Your thoughts can not pierce through the lump in your chest. Your worries can not change the past, they can not predict the future, and yet they are all you are left with at this moment. Anxiety grows. Isolation emerges as a comforting companion on a journey that only you can understand. It's hard to explain the implications of your emotions that runs deeper than the atrocity of a fast-spreading virus, the type of yearning that only prayer can quiet. So, you find yourself entangled within the Bible, in the stories of Hannah and Sarah and Ruth. You find yourself connecting to their loyalty and obedience. Even in the midst of their tests, they remained in deep prayer. Allow the figures of God's word to comfort you and to become part of your collective feelings that God can help you to overcome. You are not alone. Remember the triumph of Hannah, Sarah, and Ruth.


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