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Good morning 2020.

As I reflect on the course of 2020, it has been filled with a roller coaster of emotions for many. Grief, loss, sadness, emergence, suffering, healing, incubation, togetherness, isolation, productivity, depression, stress, abuse, introductions, good byes, triumphs, love, gratitude, blessings, births, newness, struggles, creativity, to name a few. I feel like more than ever before, I have been forced to slow down, reflect and surrender. On one end, I have had more time than ever before it seems to be productive and work on tackling some extremely time consuming goals; however, the pandemic has encouraged me to surrender control of the plan I imagined in my mind, to instead, include a more flexible approach to understanding and appreciating the unknowns of life. A few lessons that have repeatedly shown up in 2020 (for me). That effort does not (always) guarantee desired outcomes. Grey days don't last forever. Stress for the greater goal is temporary. Even when you don't feel acknowledged, you are still seen. When it seems like the burden is too heavy, you are strong enough to bear the weight. When the success comes, know that you deserve it. When the feeling is present, listen. When you feel fear, get to know to it. When you feel worried, explore it. When you feel unsure, be still. When you don't understand, seek. When you feel the stirring, wade your way through. When you feel beat down, keep jogging your way toward the vision. Don't walk. Jog. You've been given enough to jog. Even when others say walking is sufficient. It isn't for you. When you feel the simplicity of life, enjoy it. But also appreciate the complexity of your desires, dreams, hopes, aspirations, wishes, affirmations, beliefs, values. It is necessary to accept all of you. Even the difficult parts of you. Sit in acceptance. Sit in observance. Sit in pride. Sit in humility. Sit in gratitude. Sit in stillness. Just sit. Even when we are not moving, we can still be stirred. Gravity has a way of touching the fibers of our being. Our legacy depends on it. Our ancestors fought for it. We deserve it. We are worthy. 2020 - you gave us something. Something different for each of us. I hope that we each find the strength to make sense of whatever that something is.


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