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Tonight, we wait.

As we wait on the results of the 2020 election, I am reminded of the former research paper I wrote about "waiting", "patience", and "resilience". What I learned in the research paralleled what I have experienced anecdotally. Stress is inevitable, for everyone. It is not (necessarily) about the actual stressor itself, but more about HOW the person perceives the stressor, makes meaning out of the event, copes with the situation, and demonstrates an ability to "bounce back" from the event aka demonstration of resilience. Although the research indicates that stress is an inevitable experience for all individuals, patience is not. Demonstrating patience is a conscious decision that requires the ability to delay instant gratification for the greater reward later, even when "later" has yet to be defined. It is the ability to focus more on the outcome rather than the wait. Tonight, as we sit at home glued to the television awaiting the election results, I encourage you to be patient. I invite you to consider how this stressful event is leading us to desired results, one that will unify the nation, quiet the chaotic rollercoaster we have experienced for the past 4 years, and reinstate a sense of normalcy and security that we, as Americans, need. While I type this with a sense of resolve, as if this task is an easy one, I recognize wholeheartedly that it is not. In fact, "waiting" can be simply excruciating. Waiting, probably will be, a lifelong journey. So, you may be DOES one wait patiently and gracefully? Well, you focus more of your energy on what it is that you are waiting for versus the length of time you're waiting, negative emotions that may emerge, or the things you lack while you wait. You, instead, focus on the vision. You put your intentions, thoughts, and efforts toward your intended outcome. You have a willingness to wait, despite the perceived challenges, because you understand the value and power of waiting for what it is that you really want, versus accepting what is offered to you in the moment. You do not settle for the "now" in life. You wait with purpose. You stand in your conviction and you accept nothing less than what you believe you deserve. You understand your worth. You know the prize. You can see the vision. Tonight, we wait. We wait for democracy, for ethical standards to be upheld, for our votes to be counted, for our voices to be heard, for our strength to make an impact, for our unity to bring us together, for our humility in letting the people have their say, for the belief that we are stronger together. Tonight, we will be patient. Tonight, we wait.

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