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Today, I can sit here in truth and know that my journey has not been in vein. I can now sit within myself, experiencing the fruits of the lessons that I once excruciatingly crawled through. I can sit in amazement because of all the tempting opportunities I was presented with to settle for less than what I believed was God's best. I can now walk with pride, smile with grace and sit with peace. My battle is no longer when and I must discard the tempting question of how and be grateful for what is. For what is, is the direct answer to my prayer. I prayed hard and I prayed long, I prayed with others and I prayed alone, I prayed in silence and in tears, in my bed and on the floor. I prayed in the car. I prayed through lyrics and I prayed through worship. I prayed through books, through chapters, through every highlighted word and every note written. I prayed with friends and family. I prayed through blog posts. I prayed with no words all. I prayed with cheerfulness. I prayed with anger, with disappointment, with frustration, with amazement, with excitement, with eagerness, with seriousness, with intent and with wonder. I prayed with expectancy, most of all. There are tough areas of our lives that humbles us. That tests the core of us. It will try to destroy you. The challenge will seep into your spirit and try to drown you. Some days you won't be able to fight. You will become submissive to the threat of waiting on deliverance and you will fall. And you will drown. But the sun will rise again. You will rise again. You will realize that you are worthy and that you are worth fighting for. You will remember all the other times that God has delivered and then you will be reminded that He too, can deliver you from THIS.

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