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To wait, is to require a level of patience that only the core of you can withstand. To wait, is to honor God’s plan for your life. To wait, is to believe that you are worthy. That you are worth it. That God will speak to you and deliver to you, in due time. If we are aware of this knowledge, then why is it so incredibly hard to wait? Why is waiting, simply excruciating? While waiting, you will be judged. You may even feel punished. You will watch others flourish. You will watch others receive blessings, while you wait. You will see your dreams floating by, while you wait. You may even experience self-doubt, angst, frustration or a lack of focus. You may fail. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you will. Fail. Back track or falter in your belief that “waiting is worth it”. You will be tempted. Indubitably so. You will question every fiber of your being. You will wonder, why you. You will lose faith and be tempted to be like all the others in the crowd. You will be tempted by mediocrity. The best of what you want will be presented in a deceitful package, tempting you to grapple at “the now”. You will wonder if your efforts are worth it. You will wonder if you are waiting for a fairytale that doesn’t exist. The world will challenge your wait. They will mock the duration. You will, probably, have insecure moments. You will look up, pray, and still question what is it that you are waiting for? The wait will challenge the core of your being and it will cut you deeply. It will slice open your thoughts, ripple through your mind, stab you in the heart and permeate in your subconscious mind, it will saturate your emotions and potentially challenge your faith. And yet, all you’re left with is images of your heart’s desire. And “the wait.”

To wait is “to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens. To be available or in readiness.” The powerful words seem to be – “until”, “expected”, “available”, and “readiness”. To wait, is to pause. To stop working. And let God work. To lose control and give up power. To surrender. To wait is to have unwavering faith that God will deliver and to believe that His timing is good. To believe that you are worthy. To know that you are worth the wait. To know that you are not waiting to find the answer. You are waiting to be delivered. To be found. To walk into His grace. What do we do while waiting? Very good question. A question that is ever-changing and ever expanding. There are no clear cut answers to “the wait”. It is an everyday decision to make good decisions that will help us to walk into His favor. To wait means to sit with and get to know patience. To really engage. To interact. To create a relationship with grace. To accept the process.

To wait is the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. To wait, is honestly the epitome of faith. To believe, pray, surrender and wait. To wait, is the end of the process and yet the beginning of God’s.

So, here are pondering thoughts. What if you are waiting while questioning your past decisions? What if you are waiting not knowing if being proactive is essential? What if waiting goes against your natural state of mind, should you still wait? What if waiting seems counter intuitive to achieving your goals? What if waiting seems like a form of laziness? What if waiting is causing you to fail in other ways? What if waiting is confusing your present decisions to take action? What if waiting is pure torture?

Love requires waiting. Purpose requires waiting. Total happiness requires waiting. Seasonal life changes require waiting. There are no short cuts to waiting. Waiting is essential.

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