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Designing Your Own Life

We are worthy. You are worthy. I am worthy. Designing Our Own Life is not easy but WE ARE WORTHY! So let's get to designing! Designing your own life is very important, it is essential. Essential, by means of creating your own happiness. Not just leading a haphazard life filled with everything you received not everything you planned for. There is a difference. If you want it, there are things you can do however life also makes us take a step back and practice versatility and patience. Life won’t always happen the way that we plan. We can’t always decide the time, the day, the year. But we can still be architects. We can build. We can prepare. We can design. We can craft. We can patiently wait for the results of our efforts. The evil doers are waiting for us to be tired, weary and too frustrated to continue but our path is greater than our struggles. We are greater than our circumstances and as long as we continue to fight, we will be okay. That is the one thing life has taught me, that everything will be okay. Live in peace and fight for what you believe in. If you feel it in your heart to follow a path that others don’t understand, then keep going. But I won’t lie, sometimes you need a break. Sometimes, you need greater understanding. Sometimes, the Lord has to speak to you because your heart is too heavy and the understanding is not great enough. Sometimes, life serves us a platter than is not appealing and we have to put on a brave face when in reality we are hurting inside. But one thing is for sure - trouble doesn't last always! I am worthy. You are worthy. We are worthy. Let's get to building!

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