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3 Ways to Make Life Meaningful?

What does the research say?

  • Faith (religious/spiritual beliefs) - Can be used as a means of positive coping; framework to make meaning out of stressful/traumatic events; provides motivation and structure to help answer tough questions in life, leading to the development of meaning and greater understanding of life.

  • Social Relationships - Social connectedness provides support and reduces feelings of exclusion and helps individuals feel part of a community. These positive feelings help people to feel connected to something larger than themselves, which ultimately leads to increased feelings toward meaningful actions.

  • Satisfaction of Basic Psychological Needs - Being in a supportive environment helps to foster internal resilience that leads to increased motivation, thus helping one.

to identify and pursue meaningful actions. Also, living a life of virtue leads to positive well-being.

  • Positive Affect - Positive thoughts and emotions lead to positive behaviors related to seeking out meaningful life experiences.

How can YOU create more meaning in YOUR life?!

Reference: Marc Halusic and Laura A. King, 2013

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