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Dear God,

You broke me down to build me up. You crushed my pride. You quenched my thirst to run. You replaced lack of appreciation with understanding and perspective. What I thought I wanted but don’t was revealed. The truth found me hiding in the bushes of the past and present with thoughts of the future. The truth found me vulnerable, scared and ready. Ready for you. Ready for what God had in store. Ready not because of my own selfish desires but ready because I am excited to unveil the gift that God has prepared for me. To apply the lessons He has placed on my heart to learn. To build a story on sand and for it to develop into bricks is God’s grace saving us from our own understanding and allowing us to live inside His vision for our lives. Until we submit and until we give all praise and glory and reverence to Him, we will always receive less than we deserve. We will always receive less than God’s best. When we walk in purpose and intent, we live out God’s fantasy of allowing us to experience colorful blessings placed inside our hearts. The dreams and passions that we will want to fulfill must be in alignment. There are no mistakes. No time schedule. There are no bounds to what God has in store for us. He’s waiting on us. Lord, you always deliver more than I ask for. You always listen in a way that goes deeper than the words coming from our mouths but the intent. The meaning behind our words. Thank for the delivery of the possibility. Thank you for showing me it’s possible to have You at the center. Thank you for showing me that it’s possible to be understood. To be received. To be supported unconditionally. To be heard. To be appreciated. To be prayed for and with. To feel that there is a greater purpose working together. To know that you believe I am worth it enough to introduce me to someone that believes I am worthy. The journey has unleashed a beast in me that serves you. Thoughts that draw me near and ideas that concepts and conversations that test me like never before, but the resilience that I have never let’s me stay in darkness. Lord, I thank you. I come to you with sincere gratefulness. Sincere appreciation.

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